Sunday, July 2, 2017

Loving the Long Weekend

Immersing myself in all things quilty, it was a fun Saturday.

Got the last border on the Weekend Candy quilt. This was my least favorite of the Cotton + Steel Sleep Tight line; kind of looks like dirty cotton balls with ears!

This was my favorite; it would be a great blender with a lot of the aqua/turquoise prints that I have been accumulating, mainly through Stash Builder Box.

So this is the finished quilt. I take these pics in the only open floor space in the house and then stand on a bench. If I lean over far enough to get the quilt square, I fall off the bench! So I asked my indispensable tech-savvy assistant Monica if she could square the photo up better and she said no, but perhaps I could buy a bigger bench?

The grey cross fabric was included for backing as well as the turquoise for the binding, but when I see a pile of scraps I can never leave well enough alone.

The quilt reminded me of an off center log cabin, so I went with the idea. Here's the back so far; still have 4 fabrics to go and then I can finish off with the provided backing.
Other quilty things yesterday: Stumbled upon Angie, the Gnome Angel, and through her blog found Make Modern, an innovative, very interesting Australian quilt magazine available through download at an attractive price. I bought a subscription and several back issues snd spent about 2 hours reading them and downloading them to their own (not so) little folder on my iPad. Jotting notes and page references as I went. There were interviews and project ideas and instructions from several of my favorite designers and tons of eye candy.

At the end of the day, I settled in with two of Angela Walters quilting books. I'm planning to learn some new free motion quilting borders and use them on the Weekend Candy quilt, so took some time to relax and review some of her techniques. Great quilt for this kind of practice!

Today's plan: Finish the backing and then back to the Wishing Tree!

Today's question: If you could learn any quilting/piecing/applique technique, what would it be?

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  1. I took your Fluff and stuff class a couple years ago in Mesa, AZ. The info I received was invaluable and I still refer to my notes. Thank you. I would like to learn to do feathers.


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