Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Appletree Quilting Center, Columbia MO

Millie and Wendy, owners of Appletree Quilting Center, are two of my favorite people in the whole world! Whenever I get to spend time with them, it's a great thing! I flew in to Kansas City last Thursday, picked up the rental car and drove to the shop. Three days of teaching by day and sewing by night -- what could be better?

I don't show as many teaching pictures as I should, the problem being that I get totally caught up in the teaching and don't remember to reach for the camera. But my Ruler Play 3 class, which is a reverse applique class using the Westalee rulers, was such a cool class! Everybody just unleashed their creativity to make the project their own after we did the basics:

There's the class photo; now for some individual closeups:

Linda did some close Baptist Fan type stitching in the corners and then cut out a little more of her top fabric to expose the red in the corners. Gave another little pop of color to her piece!

Suzanne added feathers in the corner and was considering what sort of a background fill she would do in the rest -- maybe crosshatching in the turquoise thread? On Sunday I taught Beyond the Basics, which takes crosshatching to a whole new level and really makes gridwork sing. Can't wait to see what Suzanne does with this!

When I first looked at Sandy's fabrics, I went "Yikes!" Just couldn't imagine how that strong diagonal print was going to work as her background.

Once she got her satin stitching in, though, it seemed to anchor the whole thing. On Sunday, she was working on gridwork in her background, so again -- send me pictures, please?

Shirley was in my Feathers class on Friday, skipped Saturday and then came back Sunday to learn detail quilting. She had asked my opinion on Friday about the border quilting and then came back Sunday with it all done! No grass grows around her feet, I'll tell ya! She did a great job in a beautiful thread that coordinates with the pieced work in the center of the quilt. I think maybe she didn't eat or sleep between Friday and Sunday....

Sharon also took the Feathers class and then Beyond the Basics, so she did the feather work on Friday and then continued on the same piece to do her background fills on Sunday. Wish I had taken a picture of the fabric she was planning to use for binding -- picked up all the colors of the variegated thread and looked awesome!

Robin is making this for her daughter; started the work in Ruler Play 3 and then did the background fills in metallic thread in Beyond the Basics. Way fun and her daughter will love it!

So I taught by day and sewed by night -- next post I'll show you what we were working on!

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