Thursday, July 27, 2017

Appletree Quilting Center -- What I Bought

A box of fabric and goodies usually follows me home when I teach here, but this time I left room/weight in the luggage so I could bring my finds home with me:

First, I got to add to my collection of low volume neutrals that I started buying with the Pacifica quilt. And, since I am such a sucker for polka dots and love grey, I had to have that.

Wendy had this quilt made up using Marvel comics fabric; I have a Wonder Woman border print that I will have a big piece left over after I cut the borders, so this would be a great way to use it.

This quilt has been hanging in one of the restrooms at Appletree for a while; I saw it when I was there last October and wanted to make it. So this time Millie pulled the kit together for me, along with cutting instructions from the panels, and Wendy took the picture so I'd have a reference point when laying it out. Is this an awesome Halloween quilt? Some of the fabrics even glow in the dark! And there are lots of bats!

We were sewing in the evenings -- Wendy was working on her Tula Pink Sugar Skulls quilt from the book that Tula wrote with Angela Walters:

Wendy picks out the best fabrics!

I was working on a quilt that I found in Issue 12 of Make Modern, an Australian digital quilting magazine. I'm using the scraps of Blueberry Park left over from my Pacifica quilt. I had enough to make lots of HSTs and then bought a charm pack so I would have enough for 60 blocks. Here's the stack of 60 blocks and two that are joined with the grey cross fabric that was left over from the backing provided by Culcita in the Weekend Candy quilt kit.


As for the box following me home, I bought a Rowenta tank iron that I fell in love with -- lots of steam, hot in 2 minutes, lots of good reasons to add it to the sewing room!

What about you? What is your favorite iron and why?


  1. You have lots of projects you are working on. I like how you are finding uses to finish using the fabrics you have left over from projects you have finished.

    1. From the blogs and books I read, a lot of people accumulate scraps from various projects and then combine them all in a scrappy quilt. I haven't done that; I guess I like "controlled scrappy" better?

  2. I too accumulate scraps and somehow end up buying more fabric for a quilt. I haven't quite crossed into the scrappy quilt yet.


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