Friday, July 7, 2017

Got the Groundwork Done

Played with a number of designs and three threads to texture the ground beneath the Wishing Tree. Above is the front and here's the back:

I really like the way it's turning out!

Next were the chevrons; using the marked grid as the guide, it was easy to do these with my Westalee free motion ruler foot and a straight ruler. Just lined up the corners and stitched! Much easier than doing all the pivoting with a walking foot.

At the top of the panel, the color is changing from cream to green, so it's time to switch threads to a pale green PolySheen and finish up the chevrons. Next step is adding the fill stitches to them.

Time to get the vinyl back out. Is this the fill design I want or do I want circles in between the chevrons where I have the cathedral window fill now? I'm going to draw out two or three more options and make a choice when I get home.

Right now I'm in Auburn CA at Howell's Sewing & Vacuum teaching Ruler Play on a Domestic Machine and Ruler Play 2. Driving home Sunday and back to work on the Wishing Tree on Monday. I'll be teaching Beyond the Basics at Appletree Quilting in Columbia MO weekend after next and want to have this finished to show.

Do you have any ideas for how to further stitch those chevrons? Please share!

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