Sunday, July 3, 2011

April JAM Meeting

I know that some of you really like our JAM, Just Another Monday, meetings (Hi, Glorianne!). To get a little history on the group and see why we meet once a month, click here. We set our goals and then bring our work to the next meeting. As you can see, I'm pretty much failing miserably; I'm still working on the quilts that I wanted to finish in February....;-(

These pictures are from the April meeting:

Karin (person on left) has been working really hard in April! She finished this top......

....and this one!

The fabrics in both quilts are pretty cool!

This quilt would be perfect to snuggle under at a beach house with a good book!

Tiffany brought a block that she had finished appliqueing -- she's doing four of these, for me!! So I was really excited to see one finished. I had pieced the blocks and given them to her for her beautiful hand applique magic....

Dawna showed part of a pinwheel block quilt that she is making to teach at her store, Bolts in the Bathtub. I don't know if she didn't do her hair that day, or what -- she's hiding behind her quilt.

I brought this quilt top that I had made to get some advice from the group. It was a kit and I had finished the quilt top as the directions were written, but I had also purchased a lot of the white fabric with the thought that I would add an additional border to do some trapunto or something else "feathery". The quilt is already pretty big, so the group decided that it didn't need the additional border. So I inadvertently had a quilt top done; that probably doesn't count as a finished goal!

My goal is to empty my camera's memory card before I leave for my mammoth, 4 week long, trip on Monday, July 11. The next two or three posts will be about a retreat held at the Hilton Garden Inn in Bakersfield that I attended with a bunch of quilting friends....

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