Monday, July 25, 2011

Fabrics Etc. 2 -- Bensenville IL (Part 1)

Today my friend Carol and I did a bit of running around -- I've been away from home for two weeks so far, so wanted to get some errands run. It was a typical quilterly day: Eat breakfast, go to bank, go to dry cleaners, go to quilt shop, eat lunch, drive to second quilt shop, get and drink Starbucks latte, actually go into second quilt shop, go to grocery store to buy wine, eat dinner, drink wine, blog....all the while answering e-mail and texts on my phone.

Patrick Grant of Unique Sewing Furniture had given me the contact information for Mary Forte, owner of Fabrics Etc. 2, thinking that she and I might find it a good thing for me to include her on one of my upcoming teaching trips. So I told Carol that, if we had time left over when we were finished running errands, I would love to stop by to see the store and meet Mary while I'm here in Chicago.

Being a total machine person, the first thing I notice is what kinds of sewing machines are carried by the stores I visit. I love to see how the machine area is set up and what kinds of samples are available for customers to look at.

The machines are very well displayed, many of them in Unique Sewing Furniture cabinets.

You can see from the picture at left that the machine area is HUGE!

At right, one of the Bernina 830 machines signed by H.P. Ueltschi, Bernina's owner.

Carol loves to sew with Minkie, so she really liked the throw made of strips of animal print Minkie. They were sold out, so Carol ordered the kit to be sent to her. Peeking out from underneath the Minkee quilt is a log cabin made of animal print and black cottons.

This picture was taken from about halfway into the shop in the direction of one of the corners. I wanted to give you a good idea of the size of the store and how many quilts are hanging on the walls. Zeroed in on some of the ones I liked best:

"Cinnamon Toast" from Alex Anderson's book, Neutral Essentials

"Down the Pathway" from Serge & Merge Quilts....

Next: More quilts and some upcoming classes!

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