Thursday, July 28, 2011

Quilt Nebraska 2011 -- Kearney NE

Today was the first day of Quilt Fantastica, the Quilt Nebraska 2011 show. I can hardly wait to see the show; I'm hoping that my teacher's badge will sneak me in a little early tomorrow morning! Today I taught Borders & Bindings; on lunch break, I took a quick tour of the vendors' mall while they were still setting up.

One thing that is so fun about this class is all of the different fabric combinations that come up; here's one for fans of Nebraska..... a perennial college football powerhouse!

...and my always favorite, Halloween!

Proving that inspiration can come from anywhere, this ceramic tile art piece was hanging on the back wall of my classroom.

A closeup of one of the tiles....

Sandi finished her fat quarter quilt top first.....Sandi owns Lone Tree Designs, a longarm quilting business in Central City NE.

Not far behind her, Leanne finished next. Leanne was in charge of planning the menus for the conference -- judging by the yummy grilled chicken salads we had for lunch, she's doing a good job!

Different themes and moods....

There were 12 participants in class, but one of them wandered off while I was wielding the camera, so I didn't get her in here.

Sandi and I left after class so she could take me to the local quilt shop owned by her mother, Phyllis Hamaker. So, next up -- The Quilters Cottage, Kearney NE

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  1. Had a great time taking your classes! Time for me to practice fluff & stuff and go crazy with embellishments. Thanks for a great time!


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