Thursday, July 14, 2011

AQS Authors Exhibit -- Knoxville TN

Continuing to gawk at all the beautiful quilts in the Knoxville AQS show, I found the exhibit of quilts by the very talented authors that AQS publishes. Here are a few:

They are displayed in a zigzag format so that you can get quite a few in one picture...

"His Light Reflected" by Ranae Haddadin was so stunning with all of the colors and the excellent, intricate quilting. The quilt is from Ranae's book "Amazing Ways with Circles and Rays".

"Beauregard" by Margie Engel is from her book, "Bodacious Applique a la Carte". Her artistry and use of color just pulled me in to take a closer look.

Here are pictures of Ranae and Margie's books so you know what to look for when you go "inspiration shopping" at your local quilt store's book rack!

Next: When guilds issue a challenge, quilters answer!

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