Friday, July 29, 2011

The Quilters Cottage -- Kearney NE (Part 1)

After teaching class yesterday, Sandi Griepenstroh offered to take me to her mom's shop in Kearney for a little fabric fondling and quilt gazing. Also -- bless her heart! -- before we went to the shop she drove to Target so I could zip in and grab my usual iced venti sugar free vanilla whole milk latte to sustain me until after dinner, my next opportunity to caffeinate....

The Quilters Cottage, owned by Phyllis Hamaker, is located in the downtown Kearney area; the shop is a whole lot bigger than it seems from the front and there was a lot to look at:

The sewing machines and sergers carried here are by Baby Lock; most of the machines that would normally be in the demonstration area are at The Quilters Cottage booth at the quilt show, but I liked that these were displayed on a quilt!

This is one side of the classroom area -- love that it is lined with quilts....

There's Sandi in the back of the classroom...there are more stencils here than I normally see anyplace other than a stencil booth in a quilt show!

Really liked this green floral quilt!

If you are in need of direction, there are plenty of books to choose from.....

This is another book rack, plus there are many patterns on the wall. Sandi explained that the pattern selection was a little low right now.....yikes! I wonder what their "normal" inventory looks like!

The ceilings are high, but there is no wasted space -- it's quilts to the rafters!

This stained glass quilt is beautiful up close!

This plaque was displayed in front of a quilt made from "X blocks" -- I have to totally agree with the sentiment!

The Quilters Cottage is located at 2220 Central Avenue, Kearney NE (phone: 308-237-2701). To go to their website, click here.

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