Sunday, July 17, 2011

Knoxville Convention Center -- Knoxville TN

Before leaving Knoxville this morning, I wanted to share one last look. There were quite a few interesting art pieces displayed in the public spaces of the Knoxville Convention Center and many of them had a "quilterly" feel to them, even some that were constructed of stone, metal and other not soft materials. A couple of the fabric pieces were irresistible, however, and I just had to show you!

"Under Tennessee Skies" was created by Village Quilters Guild and gifted to the Knoxville Convention Center in June 2009. 21 guild members collectively spent over 840 total hours on this project!

Of course, I was hooked in by the masterful machine quilting and embroidery!

"Mountain Tradition" is a tapestry hand-woven by Betsy Worden. The colors are so vivid and clear....

There were so many other wonderful things to look at in the convention center, but we were all just racing from place to place and event to event, then falling into bed.....just didn't spend as much time with a camera in my hand as I would have liked to!

This morning, Sunday, I'm flying to Bloomington IN to spend a few days in one of my favorite shops, Shiisa Quilts, owned by my friend Jan Mease. Even when I'm not in town, I get all the facebook posts and e-mails that keep me informed of all the good stuff going on there.

And I get to eat at Lennie's -- bwah-hah-hah.....I've waited all year for this!!!

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