Wednesday, July 13, 2011

NOW You Can See the Winners!

This is the third and final year for the American Quilter's Society to hold a quilt show in Knoxville TN. Next year, the four AQS shows will be held in Lancaster PA, Paducah KY, Grand Rapids MI and Des Moines IA. There is a lot of information about these shows on their website; to go there, click here.

Knoxville is an easy walk around city (I've already found some great restaurants and Starbucks, so what more is needed?) -- the hotel where most of the teachers are staying is right across from the Convention Center where all the action is.

There's just no excuse for not figuring out immediately where the escalators are that take you down to show level...which just doesn't explain why I wandered around on the third floor (two floors up) for about ten minutes. Found the classrooms up there, but not the show...

And now, drumroll please!!!

BEST OF SHOW is "Redbud Ramble" by Linda M. Roy of Knoxville TN -- awesome, awesome quilt! There is also an exhibit at the show of award winning quilts by Linda; I thought the most interesting part of her personal exhibit was not only seeing how her work has been recognized for excellence, but being able to follow her progression through various stages and methods of work.

Best Longarm Workmanship: "Essence" by Ronda K. Beyer of Tualatin OR. I have to say that this quilt stole my heart! It is not easy to pull off a quilt made entirely of "neutral" fabrics and the quilting has to be killer to make it work. I wish this photograph could convey to you how beautiful this quilt is and how wonderful the machine quilting is done.

Best Hand Workmanship: "Annie's Legacy" by Zena Thorpe of Chatsworth CA. Zena lives not too far from me and I have always enjoyed seeing her quilts in our southern California quilt shows. This is a small quilt and all of the applique and hand quilting that is lavished on it is extraordinary.

Best Machine Workmanship: "Winter Wonderland" by Leah Day of Shelby NC. This award is given to the best example of domestic, rather than longarm, machine quilting. When I teach free motion machine quilting, I recommend that people go to Leah's blog, The Free Motion Quilting Project (to go there, click here). She has a lot of great ideas for background areas and has short videos to illustrate the techniques. If you are stuck on stippling or meandering as your background choices, this blog will really expand your repertoire of ideas!

Next: Some pictures of an exhibit of quilts from AQS authors....

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