Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gathering Friends Retreat (Part 2)

Continuing with the prolific twosome.......

This is a quilt top that Dawn pieced for Bolts in the Bathtub; it is available as a kit that includes all of the fabric for the top and binding as well as the pattern. The quilt is named "Isabella" and if you want further information on it, you can contact Bolts in the Bathtub at 661-945-5541. I love this setting and the striped borders set it off beautifully.

Here is Dawn with her sister, April. They don't live close to each other, so these retreats are especially fun for them. April came down to the sewing room that morning wearing a T-shirt that said "My sister has the best sister in the world!" She was sewing earlier than Dawn and when Dawn came in and saw the shirt, of course she started laughing --then April took out a matching shirt for her.....

On the other side of the room, Diane was making table runners for gifts. I was intrigued by how easy they were to make, so she showed me how.

I recall that you needed 1/3 yard of one fabric and 1/2 yard of the second, but I don't remember how to make that darned point!

Danielle showed us this awesome appliqued butterfly that she started in a class taught by Marjan Kleupfel at Pacific International Quilt Festival in October 2009.

Danielle's daughter, Katrina, made samples for Hart's Fabrics, the shop where she works in Santa Cruz. I saw Katrina at Spring Quilt Market in Salt Lake City -- she got to buy fabric and get paid to do it!

It was fun to see how the same basic shape played out in the various sets and fabrics that she chose.

Dawn and Theresa were working on this quilt when we all met up at Terry Wojciehowski's house in Ridgecrest in January, so it was in pieces then. LOVE how it turned out! I've seen a lot of black and white quilts, usually with red or sometimes yellow, so the turquoise was a nice twist.


Really liked the way the values of the black and white fabrics worked so that you see the designs in all the blocks.

The next Gathering Friends retreat is scheduled for September 17-19; hopefully, the gang will all be able to meet up again!

Next: A new shop that just opened in Bakersfield, Bolts to Bindings.....and the two pink quilt tops that I worked on whilst retreating....

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