Sunday, January 18, 2015

Batts in the Attic? Where'd That Come From?

I started quilting in 1990 (that was Dan's fault, too, but that's another story!) and by 1993 I had quit my day job and was machine quilting for customers, teaching and designing patterns. In 1994, Dan and I made the decision that I would go to Quilt Market in Houston that October and see if store owners would be interested in carrying my patterns. First obstacle: Thinking of a good name for our company -- one that people would enjoy and remember....

When I was a stockbroker, we had a group of women working in my office who were all about the same age. As each of us turned 40, we were given our very own pair of bat earrings and welcomed to the International Society of Old Bats. A very irreverent way of dealing with our age issues and a constant amusement to Dan, who is 13 years younger than me and never once in the last 28 years has let me forget it! And, no, he wasn't a teenager when I met him....

So one afternoon in the spring of 1994 when we were still floundering around with company name thoughts, I was working in my sewing room upstairs. I was expecting a call from one of my other batty friends, so when I heard the phone ring, I stopped sewing and stepped to the doorway so I could hear my husband when he answered the phone downstairs. I heard him say, "Oh, sure, the old bat's in the attic!" And I yelled, "That's it! That's it! Batts in the Attic! We'll spell it with two T's like quilt batts."

So Dan designed my haunted house logo -- and there you have it! Do you have fun stories about your quilting journey? Come on, share!

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