Monday, January 26, 2015

Do. Not. Do. This.! Ever.!!

Today's Chest Day -- usually my favorite day of my gym week, although I like back and shoulder days, too. But today I dropped a 35 pound plate on my right foot....from shoulder level....

So I said a couple of unrecordable words and Shelly hauled me off to the locker room. I should have taken a pic when I first took my shoe off, but my toes hurt too much to think about reaching for my phone! The whole toe area was bright purple, so Shelly rubbed it out, I put the shoe back on and, being the beyond stubborn person that I am, did a few more sets. Then Shelly said "Stop it -- we're done!", followed me home (she is such an awesome trainer!!) and we started icing it. If she hadn't worked with it right when it happened, it would have looked and felt a whole lot worse. As it is, I think I'm down for the day.....

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Location:Palmdale CA


  1. Fortunately it was a plate from the gym. I dropped a Bernina 780 on my foot, it looked a lot like yours. The sewing machine fared much better.

  2. Oh Paula that looks awful!! You'll need to ice for a few more days - so sorry for your pain! Great to see you at Road - take care, Bev Remillard

  3. I have a BERNINA 780 -- glad I've never dropped it! You're right, they probably weigh about the same!


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