Friday, January 23, 2015

Road to California 2015

It was awesome to go to Road to California yesterday with my friend Linda and now my two new friends, Sandy and Lisa. We looked at all the vendors, then quilts, then more vendors, then quilts again, then more vendors! The vendors were in three different areas and there was a wide variety of goodies.

So since I seem to be vendor obsessed, I'll start there and then I'll go through my photos over the next day or so and post those.

What I bought:

A few days ago, I posted pictures of the red, white and blue baseball themed fabric I bought in Reno to make a baby quilt for my husband's nephew who is expected in early March. When I saw this kit and it was in the same colors, I just had to have it. Because the border print was much wider than the size I would want for a baby quilt, I was thinking of making a row quilt rather than one composed of blocks. This kit should work right into that idea.

There were a lot of Christmas themed fabrics/kits at the show, but I'm always Halloween obsessed -- something to do with that Batts in the Attic thing! Wool embroidery appears to be a big deal right now, too, and I think it might be fun. Guess I'll have to figure out how to hold a hand sewing needle!

Found a pattern that I think might work well with the grey and yellow prints I bought last October from Bernina Sewing & Design in Las Cruces. I wanted something modern looking; don't know if this is it, but it's intriguing....

...and this piece of handdyed fabric from Charlie's Sew Unique inspired me -- looks like sky and trees and maybe reflections in water. Love it!

My other friends were looking at (and buying) wool goodies, too -- they're all excited that Primitive Gatherings is going to open a new store in Murrieta CA in a couple of weeks. 3000 square feet of wool and threads! Sounds like a field trip!

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