Friday, January 30, 2015

Road to California (Part 2)

A continuation of quilts I liked -- it will be immediately obvious to those of you who know me one reason why I liked the next two!

"Georgetown Wedding" by Ann L. Petersen of Surprise AZ was entered in the "Traditional Pieced" category, although my opinion was that her design flirted with tradition more than embraced it. I loved the use of color -- well, yeah, it is PINK!

Loved the reds, pinks and greys in "Organic Pink Pickles" by Karen Williamson. This was entered in the NYC MOD and Victoria Findlay Wolfe's Double Wedding Ring International Quilt Challenge and was the Best of Challenge Winner! Karen stated that this quilt was made entirely from stash fabrics, which leads me to believe that her stash may look a lot like mine!

I love that in her artist's statement, Karen mentioned that she just started making blocks from her stash and that the quilt "talked" to her throughout the entire process until "Organic Pink Pickles" was born. Sounds like she was totally absorbed in the creative process.

"Going Green" by Patricia C. Robertson of Reedley CA was also entered in the "Traditional Pieced" category, although I was attracted by the unusual block placement as well as a good deal of applique! This was an original design made in strips with each strip quilted separately; Patricia stated that the pieced stars were made using patterns in one of Carol Doaks' books. And would you take a look at that quilting???

Who knew grey could be so interesting?

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