Saturday, January 3, 2015

Meal of the Week? Meal of the Moment? Really Good Food!

One thing about being home for a bit is that I get to cook -- yeah, I'm one of those who think "get to" rather than "have to". Fortunately, Dan is an enthusiastic eater (who sometimes even does clean-up duty), so I can improvise away.

Today was a bacon-y kind of day. We started out by having bacon, scrambled eggs and pumpkin pancakes that I made from a Trader Joe's mix.

The first batch, the one I served to Dan, turned out perfect, but the pan got too hot in between and mine got a little browner than I normally like them.

But they tasted so good and smelled so cinnamon-y that I ate every bite!

So on to dinner: I buy boneless skinless chicken breasts at Costco and roast up a batch every so often. I usually have leftovers stashed in the fridge because I roast four at a time and we only eat about 1/2 of one each the day I roast them. They're great to have for snacks and impromptu meals.

I had 4 oz raw bacon left from this morning, so I chopped that up, cubed 2 leftover chicken breasts and opened a can of artichoke hearts and cut each heart in quarters. Browned the bacon first, then drained off about half of the drippings and sauteed the chicken cubes in the pan with the bacon. Next I added a 15 oz jar of Classico Creamy Alfredo sauce and tossed in the artichoke hearts when everything else was nice and warm.

Served over Dreamfield's spaghetti (that's a high protein, low GI-index pasta brand) and with a green salad made of romaine, arugula, cucumber, green onions and yummy Girard's Light Champagne dressing -- Yum! A lot of company has said that my salads are awesome and I owe it all to this dressing. It is the best one I've ever tried!

Because my house is the home of the Continuous Kitchen (in other words, I make leftovers, then make new things from those leftovers and get more leftovers from the new things), I have about 3 cups left of the alfredo/chicken/bacon/artichoke heart mixture. I was hoping to have more so I could grab a piecrust and make chicken pot pie....does anybody have any ideas of what I could add to bring the volume up enough to make that pie? It would be awesome for lunch tomorrow!

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  1. Add some more vegetables to bring the volume up, zucchini perhaps, or sauteed spinach or you could try cooked cubes of potato or a cup of cooked pasta spirals, or maybe a can of white beans.

  2. My immediate thought was vegetables, also, but had less-inspired ideas than Pip: peas, pearl onions. Cooked greens are a good idea!

    Oh, I just looked at the time. You've probably made it into something.


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