Saturday, January 24, 2015

This Morning -- Color Vibe 5K

My friend Tami and I have been walking together each weekday morning for years and years -- since 1998! When we first started, I don't think we missed more than four or five days in a whole year. At one point, we even did the 60 mile Avon 3 Day together to help raise money for breast cancer research. Until a few years ago, she still had kids at home and I wasn't traveling as much for my teaching activities.

Now I'm out of town a lot more and her kids are grown. Tami is a high school teacher who travels a lot in the summer to visit her girls and her grandchildren so we're not nearly as consistent as we used to be. When we were walking earlier this week, Tami told me she had signed up for a color run on Saturday morning, so I did, too....

We started out pretty clean, although people were opening packets of powder and throwing them all over each other so that didn't last long! We were in the first group to start and when we finished there were still groups waiting. Tami heard somewhere that there were about 2000 people there! It was a fundraiser for a children's classical music educational project here locally, so this was a very good thing...

You could walk or run -- we did both -- and as you passed through each of four stations, you ran through a gauntlet of people pouring color on you. There was a pink station, then a turquoise, a green and the finish line was purple.


The clean didn't last long! We took a couple of pictures at the end of the race, one in the car (which, being a smart girl, Tami had lined with trash bags) and the last one was taken by Dan in my kitchen after we got back.

It was fun, we got our workout, but -- I'll tell you what! -- that powder gets in the strangest places!

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