Sunday, February 1, 2015

Road to California (Part 3)

The other day I posted a picture of a modern quilt I really liked but was sure I had the incorrect maker/quilter information. I appealed to you, the reader, for help, but got the answer to my question in a totally different way:

I've told you that I am quite smitten with modern quilts and all the fabulous quilting being done on them. I've subscribed to "Modern Quilts" for over a year and have loved leafing through the pages and getting quilty inspiration!

This issue arrived yesterday and I sat down with it immediately (keeping in mind that I am resigned to sitting on a sofa with my foot up on a pillow for the foreseeable future -- I'm only doing this because I was told that I have a much better chance of being functional at VDTA in Las Vegas next Sun-Tues if I follow doctor's orders). And guess what was on the very last page!

So now you can read for yourself the story of this quilt and how and why the three collaborators decided to make it! I think it's a great story and hope that they do make it to QuiltCon -- I wanted to go, too, but by the time I found out the dates I was already committed to teach elsewhere. It is definitely on my 2017 calendar! And, please, those of you who get to go, please take lots of pictures!

So, now, back to Road to California:

"Fire and Ice" pieced by Monika Hancock, quilted by Debbie Stanton, Pine AZ. Monika's artist statement: "I found this pattern with Norwegian motifs. The title was given to represent the glaciers and volcanoes of Iceland." I'm intrigued with the quilting and plan to pin it to my "Quilts and Color" board on Pinterest.

I've been asked how I get so much information on the quilts that I photograph for my posts. A few years ago I was lucky enough to run into my friend Bonnie McCaffrey who does a lot of photography and video work for quilters. I watched as she took a picture of the quilt information first, then a picture of the quilt and then zoomed in for details. She explained to me that this is how she kept everything straight when she was making DVDs for professional shows. I've been doing it ever since and, if you take the right picture (sorry, Nancy, Eva and Jodi -- makers of "Chopsticks" above), it works!

"Winter Friends" was hand embroidered and quilted by Dawn Siden of Somers MT. Dawn first made the embroidery into a pillow and won Best of Show in the "Embroidery Class" at the fair. Then she took the pillow apart, made this quilt and won a First Place ribbon at her guild show. She did mention that the folded muslin snowflakes were a pain in the neck -- muslin didn't cut like paper!

Thank you, Dawn, for deciding to make this into a quilt and sharing it with us -- it is charming!

As I mentioned in my first post from this show, my phone was running out of juice and I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked. After the fact, I was looking at my friend Linda's pics and asked her to text me the above two. I really liked this quilt -- how simple to make, but how stunning with the quilting! I don't have the maker/quilter information on this one, but perhaps one of you will? Or maybe I'll find it in another way.....

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  1. What a neat story Paula, how the answer about the quilt was "delivered right to your door", lol. Glad you enjoyed the quilt .... we had a blast working on it together!

    1. So are you going to Austin??? Inquiring minds want to know!!


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