Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Fluff & Stuff -- Sewing Machines Plus, San Marcos CA

I was especially excited to be asked to teach at Sewing Machines Plus because my goddaughter Destiny lives and works within a couple of miles of the store so I knew I'd get to see her. Once I got down to details with Deb Donovan, the store event coordinator, I realized that she was ahead of me on every single step, so teaching here was a joy!

Everybody working on the quilts they brought!

Quilters have better control when the machines are placed so that the quilts run into each other in the middle of the table rather than falling off on the floor. Deb had really good foresight in how to place tables - I didn't have to move one thing when I got to the store, so I could just jump right in!

I call this table placement "When Quilts Collide" -- sounds like some sort of B movie....

Lots of markers and notions available; the store brought in everything on my list. There was even a stock of InvisaFil, a 100 weight polyester thread that works really well instead of monofilament for machines that hate it. Sewing Machines Plus carries a wide variety of threads including Mettler cottons, some types from Superior and Floriani embroidery thread.

Picture of me at the Dream Machine during class....

Destiny and I had dinner at her favorite sushi restaurant right across the street from the store; here we're having dessert and coffee at Starbucks. She has her after work hair style -- a ponytail -- and of course I had to give it a tug! Love that girl!

Sewing Machines Plus is located at 713 Center Street in San Marcos, a small city located in north San Diego county in sunny CA; they carry just about every brand of sewing machine there is and a lot of notions, threads, rulers and just about every goodie a quilter would want except fabric. They also service every brand of machine, so if yours is ready for its annual spa day, this is an excellent place to take it.

Today I fly out to Phoenix to teach at Mulqueen Sewing Center in Mesa!

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