Monday, February 16, 2015

Last Pics from Las Vegas

When I was in Las Vegas for VDTA, I got to have dinner with my good friends, Carol Tarras and David Hooke of LiTen Up Technology. They'd come down from Chicago to promote their Q-Bot automated quilting system. We went to Caesar's Palace to Gordon Ramsey's restaurant -- way yum! That's David -- those of you who have purchased my videos or seen my YouTube tutorials have already seen his work -- he's my camera guy!

Along with David's wife Shelley, they also own 3 Crazy Ladies (it used to be Shelley, Carol and another lady, hence the 3). They design patterns and make laser cut quilt kits that they sell online and at shows through that company. Carol brought me this perfect lap-size quilt with all of the 2-1/2" strips in all my fave colors already cut for me. Now just have to wait for my sewing foot to heal!

My friend Dawna Harrison (who owns Bolts in the Bathtub in Lancaster CA along with her sister Fay) brought me home after VDTA, but first we had to do some shopping. Right across from the mall is this most interesting Frank Gehry building. Would have been a better picture if I could have waved the bus out of the way, but isn't this cool?

Then Thursday I went out to lunch with Trina, who is about to become my exercise partner again! She had an injury last year and is finally down to one crutch and can drive now, so this lunch out was a big event! I think she just decided to go out to lunch because she was sick of the Panda Express lunch I brought her every time I visited! She was more than ready for something different!

So we're going to start working out together with Shelly tomorrow morning -- yay!!!

Next up: Do you know what a photobomb is? I didn't....

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