Saturday, February 28, 2015

Cutest Thing?

I took a bunch of pictures yesterday of the thread heaven section of Mulqueen Sewing Center in Mesa AZ, but somehow they haven't yet migrated from my iPhone to the iPad. I'm sure there is some magic set of circumstances that explains why some photos are on the iPad immediately, some take a while and others never make the journey unless I do it manually, but I have yet to make the connection.

I did find this cool pic, though:

My assistant, Monica, is very much into healthy eating -- I could SO see her making this snack for her kiddies!

Finished up Fluff & Stuff yesterday here at Mulqueen and today I'm teaching Beyond the Basics, a fun design class teaching a lot of background fills and thread weight info. Then home tonight and off to TX for a two-week trip starting Monday -- glad to be on the road again!

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Location:Mesa AZ

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  1. That is the cutest thing EVER!!! I am making them for lunch today!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!


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