Thursday, February 5, 2015

New Hair Colors, Pumpkin Muffins & Yikes!!

I saw this picture on Pinterest a couple of months ago and loved all the colors, so my excellent chemist/hair stylist Tina ordered some new extensions for me. Today she played around a bit....

and here are a bunch of new colors! We have some turquoise and green in amongst all the pink and purple that you're used to seeing in my hair. This should really be fun!

This is my amazing stylist, Tina. Behind Tina, with her back to the camera, is her assistant, Nicole.

So now to the YIKES part -- when I left the salon and approached my car, I saw that another customer had driven over the parking space line and was so close to my car that I couldn't really tell if she had hit me or not! That was a bit of a heartpounder! So I took this picture, took another picture of the license plate in case she had hit me and then I backed out slowly, got out of the car and took a look. Everything looked fine, thank goodness, but....

My friend Trina came over at 4:00 to have coffee with me, so I baked a dozen pumpkin pecan muffins. This was a big deal! Trina had an knee injury last year that kept her bedridden for months and she's just now getting around with one crutch. This was an awesome outing for her and I was happy that she was able to get out and about and visit me. Next week we're planning to have lunch out; I can see why Trina would want to do that. I've been bringing her Panda Express for months; she's probably sick to death of teriyaki chicken and white rice!

Tomorrow I go back to the orthopedic surgeon for X-rays to see if I will need surgery on my broken "great toe" (that's what the doctors are calling it) -- keep your fingers crossed for me!

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