Sunday, February 22, 2015

Day 2 of Fluff & Stuff -- Authorized Vac & Sew

On the second day, everyone worked on their free motion skills. Loved all the bright fabrics that people were practicing on! In the morning, we worked with the stencils I brought and in the afternoon we did freehand free motion.

Some people practiced on their sandwiches for a bit and then hopped right back onto the quilts they had straight stitched the day before. She was getting better and better with every rep of this pattern and the quilt is going to be really pretty!

And here's Jason, our still lonely tech guy! Looks like he found at least one person to chat with, though.....

To recap -- Other than at dealer events at sewing machine conventions, I had never taught such a big class. Have to say that with the efforts of the Authorized staff, Janome educator Mary Carollo and Janome District Manager Nancy Auch (who I have known for probably 20 years and was delighted to run into again in her new job -- best of luck Nancy!!!), the event was definitely a success! Everybody was happy and several machines found new homes with delighted owners!

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