Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Packing Again -- the San Diego area!

Going to the San Diego area of southern California, whether for business or pleasure, is always a joy to pack for. Don't have to think about the temperatures being in the 100s or the nights in the 60's, I can actually pack what I like to wear, not what the weather dictates.

Tomorrow I will teach "Machine Applique Techniques" in Oceanside for the El Camino Quilters Guild. On Thursday morning, I'll give my "Ten Commandments of Successful Machine Quilting" lecture. It will be held in Vista, where I seem to remember that there was a really nice quilt shop; hope I have time to visit!

It's always fun to give lectures and show the only thing I have ever made that is not a quilt!

Of course, there is a fun story behind this corset purse -- you'll have to come to one of my lectures and hear it!


  1. Oooh. I wasn't paying attention that you'd be speaking at El Camino Quilt Guild. I'll try to come listen.

    Hope you enjoy So. Cal. Lot's of nice quilt shops, but unfortunately the one in Vista closed down.


  2. There is a delightful shop in Vista called Fat Quarters owned by Michelle Joyner - she's adorable! Went to 4 quilt shops on this trip and will be blogging on them starting this weekend.


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