Thursday, September 17, 2009

Quilts as Incentives for Kids to Learn!

I love my Kindle e-reader -- love the books that I can download quickly when I'm on the road, the newspapers that I can read on it that bring my local news with me, and the blogs that are so much fun to read. I started out with news blogs and blogs about books (reading being a big way that I spend free time), but recently found a quilting blog that's delivered to my Kindle whenever Laurel Sons makes a post.

Laurel is a teacher and a longarm quilter and the blog post that I'm writing about today was pretty cool. The kids in her class (I'm assuming she is an elementary school teacher) color blocks with fabric markers, they are made into a quilt and the kids get tickets for various reasons during the year that are entered into a drawing for the quilt.

To read about this, you can go to her blog, One More Quilt, and go to the entry dated Wednesday, September 2, 2009. She talks about how everybody really gets into it and that the kids are more prepared for school because they never know when an opportunity to earn a ticket will come up. Reminds me of a "pop-quiz" when I was in school.

We're always looking for ways to motivate kids -- why not a quilt?

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