Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Working on a New Trapunto Class (The End!)

So we are definitely on the home stretch here:

The trickiest part of this technique is to position the green fabric squares over the back of the blocks where I want that fabric to shadow through the white in the background areas. I've tried pinning, but then once you have the quilt top in place on top of the backing fabric and batting, you have to figure out how to remove the pins without disturbing everything.

I'm going to show you my method here -- if anyone out there has ideas on how to accomplish this that has worked for them, by all means, please share them!
So far, 505 temporary spray adhesive has worked better than anything else to stick down fabrics to keep them from separating and shifting as I was working with them. It used to be in a blue and yellow can and was called "505 Spray and Fix". My newest can, however, is bright red and all the labelling is in French!

The trick in using 505, whether in embroidery or for an interim step like this one, is to spray it very lightly. It holds well and can even be lifted a bit and repositioned without a problem. If you spray it too heavily, it gunks up your needle and really doesn't hold any better than if you had used a smaller amount.
After a light misting of the 505, the green fabric squares are smoothed down and the quilt top is ready to be very carefully turned over and placed on the backing and Warm & Natural cotton batting that I have prepared.

If you have questions about pinning up the quilt or other questions pertinent to the quilting process, I do have some online tips & tricks at my website that you can read and/or print out for reference.

All pinned up and ready to start quilting -- I can really see the difference between the blocks that have the green fabric under the background and the blocks that have it between the poly bat and the quilt top. At the bottom left is a piece of the backing fabric.

I probably won't have it quilted by the time I post next, but I will put it up on the blog when it is finished as well as on my Facebook wall.

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