Monday, September 14, 2009

Starry Night Hollow -- Encinitas CA

For those of you who know me, and who know that my business name is Batts in the Attic, the fact that my favorite holiday is Halloween would probably not be a huge surprise. That makes traveling around this time of year especially fun as everywhere we go there are decorations to celebrate the season.

My "guide" on this mini shop hop, Linda Pupols, was most likely amused at my delight as we walked through Starry Night Hollow. It seemed like pretty much the entire store was given over to Halloween projects, quilts and decorations -- I took so many pictures that I am breaking this up into two posts: One is a overview of the shop and decorative items that I saw there and the second will be pictures of the quilts.

Starry Night Hollow is located at 895 Saxony Road, Encinitas CA; phone is 760-044-3700. You can also visit their website Kimberly Rado is the owner, and while she wasn't there during my visit, Andie Carlin showed me all around and gave me Kim's business card. On the card, I read "A unique quilting and crafting haven off the beaten path...nestled behind a big white gate." Wow -- I could hardly wait!

Just outside the door....

The pretty quilted banner that hangs outside to greet you.

And that's the truth!

If there was any question about being in a spooky place, this would have answered it! It's the back of a hand mirror that was part of one of the displays.

Fell in love with the Halloween ruffle purse; in fact, don't you think I need one of these?! Really wanted to buy it, but it was a sample and not for sale -- perhaps I can persuade someone to make me one?

This was the best!
It was on a mantel all decorated in witchy things!

Boy, oh boy -- do I wish I had had this sign in my house when my son was growing up!

As an adult, I think this is pretty good advice; as a child, I was considered to have no art talent or interest because I not only colored outside the lines but often chose inappropriate colors. Therefore I didn't take art classes. I took more suitable things like economics, physics, chemistry and French.....

So when I saw this up high on a wall, I had to take a picture.

Even the bathtub was put to great use -- just $5 for a bag of scraps that you are invited to fill as full as you can.

Don't forget to check back for the next post -- Halloween quilts and Kimberly's fairy tale art quilts!! Not to be missed!


  1. This is a delightful shop. A definite must see when any quilter is visiting So. Cal. Love it!


  2. Can't wait to go back, maybe next month if I go to the show at CSU San Marcos. Are you going to that show?


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