Saturday, September 5, 2009

Tea & Jewelry on a Saturday Morning

A few weeks ago, I got an invitation in the mail to join my friend Annette Robinson for a tea and jewelry party at her house. Since the invitation said "Let's have tea and girl fun together" and because Annette used to own a tea room with wonderful scones, finger sandwiches and tea, how could I say no? Fourteen of her friends came to enjoy the morning at Annette's.

Annette sells Premier Designs High Fashion Jewelry. I hadn't seen her line before, so of course I had to come and shop, too!

Annette and her daughter, Nina. Nina's dress not only had all the small silver sparkley sequins on the bodice, but there were three tiered ruffles at the just-above-the-knee hem -- very glam and sophisticated! Fell in love with the necklace Annette is wearing -- had to buy it!

Annette and Nina are standing in front of the table where all of the wonderful things to eat were set out and because I am SO all about the food, I spent a fair amount of time there. There were scones, brownies, tiny frosted red velvet cupcakes (why do I always list dessert first?) as well as cucumber/dill/cream cheese finger sandwiches and chicken salad sandwiches.

One of the tables that were set for tea; Annette had several tables arranged so that we could re-connect with old friends and make new while we enjoyed the yummies she had prepared.

There was jewelry displayed in several places that we could browse through, try on and order...

....but this was my very favorite display! Just the visual combination of the jewelry, mirror and pretty furniture worked for me....

This is Annette's mannikin, Mandy. Mandy is all dressed for tea and after we demolished the luncheon table, Annette gave us all a fashion show with Mandy as the model wearing the various jewelry combinations. Way fun and gave us a lot of ideas on how to wear various pieces; there was one necklace you could wear seven different ways. I felt like whipping a notepad out of my purse to write down these ideas because I'll never remember them later. I know -- I'll get Annette to travel everywhere with me so that I will always be well accessorized -- yeah, right!

So would anyone like to come to my house for Coffee & Quilts some Saturday morning?


  1. Would love to come for coffee and quilts any time!!! We're there!

    Thanks for the wonderful write up my friend. It was great to see you today. I so enjoy your company! Looking forward to more time together soon! Lots of love! Annette

  2. I LOVE that gothic cross on the far left Velvet display! How beautiful!

  3. The cross has a lobster claw; it comes on a chain, but you can take it off and attach it to other things. All of her jewelry is pretty reasonable; I think the cross and chain is $42. If you like it a LOT, her e-mail is


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