Monday, September 28, 2009

Wow! Took the whole weekend off!

Actually, I took the weekend off from blogging, not from working -- well, maybe that's not true, either. I did some reading -- blogs, books and newspapers -- cooked a great dinner, went out to a dinner; you know, weekend things!

I have three more teaching trips left this year and have been working on all the details -- air, rental cars, hotels, etc. -- which take up more time than you'd think. One of the trips is like playing Whack-A-Mole; every time I think I have all the details nailed, something changes and it's back to the travel websites again. But I'm not complaining; I still remember when you had to actually call the airlines, hotels and rental car agencies -- it's a lot faster now!

When I got done with trip stuff, I grabbed one of two quilts that I want to get done by October 20 for Susan Moore who lives in Northern California and is one of the people who puts together the Alex Anderson Quilts retreats that Alex and I teach together every November in Livermore CA. Susan is the person who does all the liaison work with the hotel and the retreaters to keep everything running smoothly and she does a great job!

I've seen this quilt pattern before and my recollection is that it is called "Friendship Braid". Susan thought that perhaps I could quilt a diagonal grid through the interior of the quilt and then possibly feathers in the border. However, if you look closely at the braid (and I got out a ruler to make sure I was looking at it properly), the braid doesn't line up so that a grid can be quilted evenly -- not because Susan did anything wrong, but because the pattern just doesn't work that way.

Of course, I could stitch an uneven grid, but those never have looked quite right to me and I don't know that either Susan or I would be happy with that. So my thought was to stitch in the ditch in a zigzag pattern horizontally across the quilt, then put a simple cable in the outer pieced border.

I just posted this picture to Susan's wall on Facebook along with my ideas on how I wanted to quilt it. I just joined Facebook recently, but I can definitely see the possibilities in communicating ideas so that nobody will be surprised when they get their quilt back from me. They will know what to expect because we've been able to discuss it with photos right in front of both of us.

Cool innovation -- and I thought it would just be a big waste of time!

P.S.: To see if one of my three remaining trips is near you, you can go to my website lecture/workshop page.

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