Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bernina Sewing & Design Center -- Las Cruces NM

When you drive up to the store, there is absolutely no doubt as to their focus!

I liked the southwest decorating details in the store and how they were used to good effect to draw attention to displays of machine oriented goodies.

Quilts are hung everywhere....

...and there's even a teddy bear in the Bernina area....

This is a thread lover's Paradise! I was surprised to see so many different brands in one store -- if you want it, they've probably got it!

Marsha Cowan, the owner of the store with her husband Izzy, obviously loves batiks!

I found a quick and easy pattern that only required five fabrics -- I started with that very cool stripe and went from there!

The Bernina Sewing & Design Center is located at 2001 E. Lohman Avenue in Las Cruces (phone: 575-523-2000. To go to their website, click here. My workshop went really well here and Marsha and I are talking about a possible return visit in November of this year.

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