Saturday, May 1, 2010

High Sierra Quilters -- Cameron Park CA

The second quilt shop that my sister Carol and I visited is High Sierra Quilters, located on the other side of Highway 50.

Behind the register is a quilted shop sign as well as blocks and quilts advertising upcoming classes.

There are quilts hung over almost every fabric fixture....

Don't think I saw any free wall space!

This is my sister's friend Chris, folding fabric she had just cut for a customer.

Nice collection of table runners on the wall; must have been a table-runner-of-the-month club?

Had to zero in on the one that reminded me of Halloween!

We continued collecting fabrics for the projects we had in mind earlier in the day -- this is what I bought for the Calendar Quilt...

...and this is what Carol bought for her crazy quilting.

High Sierra Quilters is located at 3450 Palmer Drive in Cameron Park CA; phone 530-677-9990. To see their website, click here.

All our shopping's done -- off to Starbucks!

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