Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More HMQS Quilts (Part 4)

"One Fine Day" by Cynthia England was inspired by a photo she took on a beautiful day in Lake Tahoe while in the company of good friends.

This quilt was only identified by the small numbered slip of paper in the bottom right-hand corner, "1120-S".

Had to get some close-ups of the fairy and what looks like a baby dragon!

"Circle of Life" by Barbara Morgan; from her artist's statement, "Color wheel, Lone star in the middle with a checkerboard circle and New York Beauty segments on navy blue background."

"Cranes of a Different Color" by five quilters who call themselves the Grateful Threads. The quilt was inspired by a photo of cranes in a marsh. Each of the five ladies made one panel; for the quilting, four values of threads were used to match the color of each panel.

"Montana Grizzly" by Julie Bauer, quilted by Sue McCarty, was inspired by a vacation in northwest Montana. Julie drew, designed and paper pieced the quilt. It has 1283 pieces of fabric in it!

"I gave it to Sue McCarty to do her quilting magic and she added beautiful symbols of Montana's Crow Indians."

"Echo Cliffs" by Carol B. Johnson was inspired by a photograph taken in Arizona's Navajo Nation. Hand and machine pieced, hand appliqued, machine quilted and fabric pen enrichment.

Bamboo/cotton batting and Sulky 40 wt. thread were used in the quilting.

"Feathered Lace" by Lisa Coker is an original wholecloth design. Lisa used Irena Bluhm's technique to add the color.

"Yellow Bird" by Claudia Clark Myers, quilted by Marilyn Badger. "Trying something different with the Feathered Star, I drafted Curved LeMoyne Stars with pinwheel centers and sawblade backgrounds and added a curved Log Cabin border."

"Marilyn quilted the whimsical birds and feathers and I hand painted them when she was finished.

"High Gear...Hang On Tight" by Gail Stapanek, quilted by Ronda K. Beyer, is the second in a series; the first was gifted to a friend.

Blocks are from Karen Stone's New York Beauty pattern.

Naturally, my question is, "How do I get to be one of Gail's friends?"!

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