Monday, May 10, 2010

HMQS -- Home Machine Quilting Show -- Salt Lake City UT

When I was first invited to teach at the Home Machine Quilting Show, the only thing I really knew about it is that it started as a show for longarm quilters and had been running as an annual show for about four years. The character of the show has changed over the years and now quilts made on conventional machines are displayed as well.

The above quilt, "Sunrise Seranade" by Barbara Barrick McKie, is the quilt that received my teacher award ribbon. Each teacher was given a great big ribbon to pin onto the quilt of his/her choice.

Close-up of the applique....

..and a closer look at the quilting. I liked the way she changed thread colors to complement the colors of the hand-dyed fabrics.

Here is Barbara's artist statement:

"One of a series of flowers with cotton sateen hand-dyed shibori fabrics. The flower is a large dinner plate dahlia I grew, photographed, and then transferred to polyester crepe fabric. Free motion machine appliqued and quilted, two layers wool batting. The rays of the shibori give the impression of a sunrise."

The quilts in the show were absolutely beautiful and were displayed well. I took over 300 pictures at the show and look forward to posting them to share with you over the next few days. The photographs were taken before the awards were announced and ribbons attached to the quilts, so the award information will not be included.

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  1. Hi: It was good to see you and I am glad you have a blog to share our little part of the country with the world.



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