Friday, May 21, 2010

More HMQS Quilts (Part 2)

"Serengeti at Twilight" by Leona Harden is an original design featuring a Serengeti inspired medallion and constructed with all raw edge applique, no piecing.

It is densely quilted with embroidery thread on wool batting using free motion thread play on an 18" longarm.

"My Garden of Scraps", pieced by Kara Southwick and quilted by her mother, Charlene Nelson; Kara said that all of the piecing, including the border, was totally done out of her scrap collection.

Loved the thread color changes in the quilting -- goes to show you what can be done with a couple of bags of scraps!

"Quilt Diva", appliqued by my friend, Josephine Keasler, and quilted by Peggy Shadel.

From Josephine's statement that was pinned to the quilt, "The pattern is by Amy Bradley and I personalized it with fabrics and articles that reflect my tastes, thereby creating a self-portrait." I saw this on Josephine's design wall while she was making it and it just kept getting more and more wacky and fun!

"Unfolding" by Anna VanDemark: "Inspired by the shape of spring ferns, my quilt serves as a symbol of our unfolding lives and creative spirits."

This is an original design using Superior Threads, Soft Touch Fairfield, foiling and bead embroidery.

"Catching the Light" by Elaine Miller. The inspiration for this quilt was the "Dogwood Delight" pattern by Bobbie Y. Jarrett, using Elaine's collection of "Daiwabos" (remind me to look that up!) as a background.

Materials include bamboo batting and So Fine and Bottom Line threads from Superior...

Madeira's metallic gold thread was used for the quilting.

"Pieces of Dreams" by Diane Evans is an original design using Ricky Tims' technique of drawing a motif and reflecting it eight times.

The quilt is machine pieces and machine appliqued with a flat zig-zag stitch to allow the fabric color to show through the thread.

As you can see from the picture at left, there was no card attached to this quilt, so I have no maker information -- but I couldn't leave it out!

If you know who made this quilt, please send me the contact info so I can find out more about it....

"Simplicity" by Marla Monson; through a series of stops, starts and mishaps, including remaking the top after a staining incident(!!), Marla came up with this great quilt!

I sure have to admire her persistence -- it's a beauty!

"Sew Long Sally" by Cindy Seitz-Krug was the last quilt pattern taught by Cindy's friend and long-time teacher, Sally Shuppert, before Sally retired.

All of the feather's are Cindy's original designs that were specifically made to fit the open areas of the quilt.

"Lone Stars" pieced by Winnie Blair Fleming and quilted by Denise Green featured a split lone star block with half of the background pieced light and half dark.

The empty space is a wonderful place for feathers and background fillers....

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  1. thanks for including my Piece "Serengeti at Twilight" in your blog! You did a wonderful job of listing and displaying.


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