Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back from Australia & New Zealand!

We spent the most amazing 3 weeks "down under" -- the cruise was great, every shore trip was remarkable and Destiny was just a joy! Seeing all of this through her eyes was just such a treat....

Here are the three of us in a gondola heading to a point overlooking Christchurch NZ. I'll be posting more pictures of the trip, including the photos I took at the Quilter's Barn in Blenheim of the Hoffman Challenge winners chosen from the entrants in New Zealand. Guess I'm a bit tunnel visioned; I did not realize that this was a world challenge and had not seen the ones from other countries.

They were spectacular and I hope to start posting them on the blog tomorrow. I took enough pictures that I will probably spread them over two or three posts.

Pretty jet lagged -- need sleep -- will write more tomorrow -----

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