Monday, January 25, 2010

The Quilted Quail, Ridgecrest CA

Retreat with my friends was so much fun and I got a lot done -- but, of course, we had to take time for shopping!

The first shop we went to was The Quilted Quail. My friend and retreat hostess, Terry Wojciehowski, told me that if the little quilt is hanging up out front, the store is open.

I liked the stained glass....that would look lovely in my house!

As we walked in, this quilt and pink to burgundy range of fabrics were to our left.

And to our right was Terry's wedding ring quilt, so I took her picture with it. Terry teaches this pattern at the shop.

A better look at the quilt and a closer look at the quilting, which was done by me...

Lots of fabric to browse through....

And more -- I found lots of goodies to take home with me!

A little stuffed quail on the counter -- behind it is a sign advertising 20% off the first bolt of the day. Of course, this changes daily depending on who the first customer is and what s/he buys! It looks to me like it would be worth coming in really early if you needed several yards of something...

What I bought: I found a pink polka dot to go with the rose blocks that my friend Carol Tarras laser cut for me. Boy, does the work go fast when everything not only is pre-cut, but has little slots cut to make it easy to match all the pieces up! Carol and her daughter Shelley own Three Crazy Ladies and they have all sorts of pre-cut kits. For more information on that, click here.

Then I found this very cool grey/black/pink/wine print and a few coordinates to go with it -- don't know what I will make, but absolutely had to have it. Would like to find one more deep burgundy fabric....but the weekend's not over!

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