Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More Quilt Pictures from Road to California (Part 2)

Art Pictorial: "Great Blue Heron" made and quilted by Barbara Hillman (Pittsburg CA). "This quilt was inspired by the swirls, curves and stylized images in the Art Nouveau designs of the early 20th Century artists, and incorporates my own love of color and design."

The detail in this quilt, both in the quilting and the applique, is amazing...

Art Abstract: "Constellation of the Deer" made and quilted by Paulette Landers (Springville CA). "I wrote a story about a musician from outerspace and thought, 'someday I will make a quilt about her'. I drew a mythical deer and thought, 'someday I will make a quilt about it'. Then it occurred to me that the musician and the deer belonged in the same quilt!"

What I especially liked about this quilt was the use of fabric to give a "transparency" effect to some of the piecing. The quilting shows up a little better in the close-up.

Innovative Mixed: "Wedding Gown Quilt" made and quilted by Marilyn Gulickson (Buena Park CA). "Rearranging the twelve areas of beading and embroidery of this two-color wedding gown was the most difficult part. I regret not quilting with silver thread throughout. Six weeks from dismantling gown to binding."

Looking at the quilting in the close-up, I liked the white thread very much. The silver might have been too sparkly, so IMHO she made the right decision.....

Art People: "In the Beginning" made and quilted by my friend, Patt Blair (Mt. Baldy CA). "I like images that evoke emotion. This image of a little girl scribbling on the playground seems appropriate to the adventure of an artist. In the beginning, we experiment, we hopefully learn through our efforts and if we are lucky, we have family and friends encourage our growth."

Patt starts with plain white fabric and then uses pen and ink to design her quilts. To see more of her work, click here.

Art Pictorial: "Winter Hunt" made and quilted by Patt Blair (Mt. Baldy CA). "I am fascinated with big cats! It seemed time to showcase this solitary hunter seen throughout North and South America. The mountain lion is known by several names including puma, cougar and panther ... shown here in a determined hunt." This quilt took the Best Pictorial award.

Art People: "Ladies Doing Lunch - Egypt 1125 B.C." made and quilted by Pamela Allen (Kingston, Ontario, Canada). "I am exploring the matter of style as it occurs throughout art history. On the other hand, I wanted to make the subject universal and contemporary. I can imagine those elegant Egyptian women meeting for lunch in the same way we do today!"

And a close-up to see the fabric choices that add so much interest to this quilt.

Still have lots of photos on my camera card....

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