Monday, January 25, 2010

Quilting Makes a Difference Exhibit -- Road to California, January 2010

I didn't count them, but I think there were about 20 entries in the Quilting Makes a Difference exhibit. I've already documented the making of my quilt on the blog, but basically how it worked was that each quilter received a pieced top and fabric for the backing and binding. The quilting style and the batting was totally up to us.

They were all displayed together in the front of the show area. This was a very subjective process. I photographed the quilts that I thought were most distinctively quilted --I'll show a main picture and a close-up of each quilt and then give the quilter's name and geographical location.

Sue Patten (Townsend, Ontario, Canada)

Karen McTavish (Duluth MN)

Charlotte Warr Anderson (Taylorsville UT)

Cheri Meineke-Johnson (Corinth TX)

David Taylor (Steamboat Springs CO)

This one was so awesome that I took a bunch of pictures.....

Marilyn Badger (St. George UT)

Cathie Hoover (Modesto CA)

This next one was one of my very favorites, but I did not get the name of the artist. If anyone claims this, please let me know so I can give you credit!

A big thanks to Carolyn Reese for having her team make all these quilts, send them out to us and prove that quilting does really make a difference!


  1. Great post. I loved this exhibit and you did an excellent job taking pictures and sharing.

    Quilting does make a difference!


  2. I really enjoyed this part of the show. One of my teachers actually took us out there to discuss quilting designs.


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