Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Zealand Hoffman Challenge -- Part 1

Challenge quilts are always so inspiring -- seeing what various artists can do with the same piece of fabric and thinking what you might have come up with gets the brain cells moving in a creative way. These quilts from New Zealand were no exception.

As far as I could tell from reading the artists' statements, all of these quilts are original designs. Where given, I have also provided the inspiration for the designs as supplied by the quilt makers. Cities/towns of residence are in parentheses after each artist's name.

"Proud" by Glenys Boyd (Ashburton) is raw edge appliqued, machine quilted and hand beaded. It was inspired by a greeting card! Goes to show ya that we need to look ar everything!

"The Joy of Living" by Juliet Fitness (Auckland) utilizes paper foundation piecing, machine piecing, machine applique and machine quilting.

I'm fascinated by all things ethnic, so had to take a couple of closeups....

...interesting quilting that picked up the design of the points.

"Fantasy Rock" by Sue Roper (Greymouth) utilitized pattern drafting skills as well as applique, beading and embroidery, all of which looked to be done by hand.

"Bubbles" by Nobuko Windecker (Auckland) is machine appliqued and machine quilted. This was fun and had a lot of dimension to it -- it seemed to jump right off the wall!

"Knott (not) Monet's Garden" by Beverly Williamson (Alexandra), inspired by the quilts of Jacqueline de Jorgy, is foundation pieced and was quilted using a domestic machine.

BEST OF SHOW was stamped across the face of the artist's statement for "Dreamer" by Mary K. O'Hara Matheson (Dunedin). The quilt incorporates hand applique, piecing and embroidery as well as machine quilting and piecing, fabric weaving, painting and beading. It is an original design inspired by old Japanese prints.

"Tree of Life" by Alison Gray (Balclutha) was inspired by "various old embroidery books" and was creating using machine applique and free arm embroidery. Maybe that is what I call free motion? Hmmmm......anyone familiar with this term want to educate me on this?

"Pacific Star" by Denise Lemon (Canterbury) -- paper foundation piecing, applique, tea dyeing, 3D flower, beading and machine quilting. The inspiration was a satellite photo of a storm system.

These are roughly half of the pictures I took -- more to follow!

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