Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bought a Present for My Kindle!

I love my Kindle e-book reader and take it everywhere with me. Weighing a touch over 10 ounces, about the same as a paperback book, I can stick it in my purse so that I can read during dead time. Since it can hold a few hundred books in its memory, it is invaluable for airports, airplanes and other places where you are just stuck and reading is a perfect way to pass the time. The only drawback I have encountered while traveling is that you are required to turn them off for several minutes during landing and takeoff, so a magazine in one's carryon takes care of that.

I used to leave on each business trip with 4-6 paperback books in my luggage; I would throw them away as the trip progressed, flinging myself into a Barnes & Noble (needed a Starbucks stop anyway, right?) to replenish as needed. Then my father-in-law bought me the Kindle as a birthday gift in late 2008 and my travel life got noticeably better!

So when I recently ran into an on-line ad for, I had to check it out. On this website, you can find skins for many styles of phones, netbooks, Kindles, playstations -- you name it, if it's a piece of what my husband calls "electronica", they probably have a skin for it. The one I picked for my Kindle 1 (first generation) is called Cora.

It arrived within a few days via USPS; basically, it's a set of decals that you lift off the backing and press to the device. They adhere easily and you can lift and re-position them until you have them placed perfectly. It was pretty easy to do. The back is all in one piece; the front in several that you lift and place separately. There's even a "bonus" skin for the charger...

I have a PINK zippered case with an additional outside zip pocket for the charger; I think the whole deal looks pretty cool! So now I am going back to to look at skins for my BlackBerry (I'm not really a red person) and my Samsung netbook....

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  1. You guys convinced me at retreat in November and I got a Kindle. Love, love, love it. I got each of my daughters one for Christmas.


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