Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Quilting From the Back

I worked on a project recently for a customer that had a lot of open space between pieced areas. Trying to think what to do, I turned it over and studied the backing fabric -- it seemed like there were quilting design possibilities within the printed pattern.

The fabric pattern definitely suggested feathers to me....

...so my next step was to draw them in with an air-soluble (purple) marker.

Here are a couple shots of the quilting using the thread I had chosen for the back of the quilt in the top of the machine and the decorative rayon thread in the bobbin.

The picture taken without flash showed the quilting definition more clearly.

Here's the front of the feather quilting -- it was stitched using Sulky Rayon #1002, Soft White.

To complement the feathers, I chose a 3" Reversing Feather Border stencil from StenSource Int'l, Inc. for the border stitching (#BC1607).

Here's how the corner stitched out -- the little bat is my "signature" that I stitch into the lower right hand corner of every quilt.

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