Thursday, January 21, 2010

More Quilt Pictures from Road to California (Part 3)

Innovative Mixed: "Floral Fantasy" made by Molly Y. Hamilton-McNally and quilted by Cindy Seitz-Krug (Tehachapi CA). "This quilt is designed based on 500 year old Chinese porcelain which facinates me. I used needleturn applique and I asked International Home Machine Quilting winner Cindy to quilt it. She used the trapunto technique in her work."

A couple of closeups so you can see both the applique and the quilting....

Innovative Applique: "Breakfast Ti" made and quilted by Dianna Grundhauser (Makawao HI). "Inspired by the colorful variegated ti leaf plants growing in my back yard, this quilt features luscious hand-dyed silk charmeuse. The glowing background reminds me of a sunrise, which is how I came upon the name. It is machine quilted with silk and polyester threads to match the luminosity of the fabric."

The close-up really shows the coloration of the leaves as well as the interesting way of stitching in the veins....

Horribly blurry photo alert, but I didn't want to leave this one out -- promise, the close-up is better!

Art Naturescape: "Aspen Ridge" made and quilted by Joanne Baeth (Bonanza OR). "I live in a rural area in Southern Oregon where mule deer are abundant. I was inspired by the beautiful colors of the aspen trees in the fall. The deer were drawn on fabric with inks, thread painted with many colors of brown, and then machine appliqued to the piece. Techniques include fusing, machine applique, thread painting, and inks and paints were used."

MUCH better!

Art Pictorial: "Sub-Q Fractured" made and quilted by Nancy M., Kay D., Phyllis C., Desiree H., Ann T. and Carol C. (Riverside CA). "With the sudden death of our founder, our art quilt group was in danger of complete collapse. At a meeting we decided to stay together and move forward. A greyscale photo was divided; the challenge was to interpret your section using any techniques you choose, then put back in the color! There were six pieces, six people in the challenge. Working on the quilt not only brought color to the quilt, it brought back color to the group. For Sally"

I didn't want to forget that this was six separate panels hung as a quilt, so took this close-up to remind me.

These are all of the individual quilts that I photographed; there is still the "Quilting Makes the Difference" exhibition as well as a few overall shots of the 2009 Hoffman Challenge to come.....

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