Thursday, August 26, 2010

Four Corners, NM & UT & AZ & CO

Four Corners Monument is an area where, for a fee, you can go see where four states come together and meet. We had been driving west through Colorado and were about to cross into Arizona, but if you go to the monument, you are actually considered to be in New Mexico. Go figure.....

The names of the four states are in their respective places with a medallion in the center....

...but there is a colored map if one still isn't clear on the concept!

I could see that there were vendor stalls for food and souvenirs, but we were there pretty early so nothing was set up yet.

Dan decided that his feet were big enough to be in all four states simultaneously.....

...while I opted for the "twister" method! Do you like my pink RayBans?

At one point, Dan said, "Look up!"

And I got the very best photo of the whole trip -- he just stuck it on my netbook as my screen saver!

It was a great vacation -- now back to work!

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  1. Just spent an hour looking through vacation photos, such fun! Pam sent BTW some great quilt stores in St George and in and around LV. Thanks for sharing!


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