Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vacation, Day 9 -- Purgatory CO

Somehow I managed to delete a computer folder, so a bunch of my vacation pictures were lost. Fortunately, they were the early ones, some of which have already been posted to the blog -- as for the rest? We'll just have to visit again!

On Saturday morning, after we went to the two quilt shops in Durango, we piled in the SUVs and headed up to Durango Mountain Resort in Purgatory. It was another gorgeous summer day!

There were lots of events going on -- it's a very family oriented place, so there were plenty of things for kids to do, as well as hiking, biking and riding the ski lift to see the sights.

Both the older kids went on the trampolines -- Vanessa jumped up and down, screaming and laughing!

did a bunch of flips; he said it was a lot easier to do back flips than front ones, but he mastered them both....

After the kids got off the tramps, we went to find Zoe making friends in the little kids' playroom...

We rode the ski lift to the top; since Dan's initials are DMR, he and Vanessa decided to pose by the bus for Durango Mountain Resort before we got back on the lift for the return trip.

This is one of the pictures I took on the way down -- the scenery was just spectacular!

The girls got their faces painted -- Zoe wanted a butterfly....

...and Vanessa chose the Queen of Hearts!

We head home the next day, driving through the Four Corners area, where Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico all come together at a single point -- wonder what trouble we could get into there?

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