Saturday, August 14, 2010

Vacation, Day 7 -- Driving to Durango CO

On our way to Durango from Eden, we stopped to have lunch with my Aunt Barbie and her husband, Bob. Aunt Barbie is my mother's youngest sister and since we are almost the same age and both quilters, we have a lot in common. They moved into a new house in Woodland Hills UT last month and the first place I headed was her sewing room. It's a temporary room until she gets the one she has picked out upstairs all prepared to move into. The new room will have a lot of space and light.

In this temporary home, she has her quilt books, cutting table, Bernina 630 and some, but not all, of her fabric -- what more could she need?

Maybe a design wall with a work in progress and some of the ribbons she has won in quilt shows? There are a lot more hidden underneath her project.....

A small Halloween quilt Barbie made for a challenge; below is a closeup of her machine embroidered witch!

She made a small quilt from a redwork pattern by Alex Anderson that Barbie is donating to the Utah Quilt Guild show mini-quilt auction. The show is in September.

After lunch, we waved bye-bye to Aunt Barbie, Bob and Alice, who is really a very well-behaved dog who doesn't know she's a dog. She doesn't jump, bark or do anything obnoxious....since I'm not a dog person, it really surprises me when I meet a nice one!

From Woodland Hills, we hopped on Hwy 6 and leisurely made our way down the state of Utah.

Got some really great pictures while we were heading toward Moab.

Beautiful blue skies and interesting geological formations; below is a souvenir shop with an attention getting sign!

More pictures of can see the sky through the hole in the rock.

These two were taken after we crossed into Colorado and were approaching the Durango area from the west.

It had rained before we got there, but the clouds looked like they still had quite a bit of moisture.

A good night's rest and then we'll enjoy Durango. I haven't been here for a year, so we'll see what changes have happened in the meantime.

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