Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Historic Gardner Village -- West Jordan UT

The last time I was at Historic Gardner Village was at Halloween and there were witches, pumpkins and all kinds of scary things decorating the entire village. However, in August, there is summer decor, as evidenced by the shark bitten "Beach Party" sign above.

Near the sign there was a large turtle engaging in some recreational swimming...

The picture on the left was taken from the balcony just outside Pine Needles.

If you look really hard, you can see a white duck on the far side of the shadowed area under the bridge.

Had to take this picture just so you could see the slogan for the yarn shop, Kamille's: "Where Friends Wind Up"!

This shop was so cute and pink and fun that I had to go in and Dan decided to stay out!

All sorts of fun little odds and ends in here; bought a note pad, a card case and some blank cards that say "Behind Every Successful Woman Lies a Substantial Amount of Chocolate"!

The last thing we did here was to go into Sweet Afton's for a sample of fudge -- we tried Jalapeno flavored chocolate fudge and bought some -- and to buy one of their huge, yummy peanut butter cups!

Now we're off to Salt Lake City to see some of the sights downtown...

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