Saturday, August 7, 2010

Vacation, Day 1 -- Palmdale CA to St. George UT

Dan and I left yesterday around 1 in the afternoon and drove the first leg of our trip, Palmdale to Mesquite NV, to have dinner with my friend Dawn. From 2000 until she moved to Mesquite two years ago, Dawn spent one day a week getting my customer quilt tops ready for me to machine quilt. So she sewed backing fabrics, did a LOT of pinning, did the binding if the customer required it -- in other words, everything except the actual machine quilting.

We passed through Las Vegas around 5 and I took pictures of some of the landmark casinos. Dan and I don't really like to gamble, so on the rare occasions we go to Las Vegas, it is for a totally different reason, such as when we went a few years ago so that he could drive a formula one race car on a track!

Mandalay Bay was one of our favorite hotels because there were really good restaurants, including a small shop that was nothing but chocolate desserts -- YUM!

We stayed at the Luxor on that trip -- you can barely see the top of it over the cars in this picture. Look at the sky -- the weather was absolutely clear and beautiful, the downside being that it was around 112!

You can see Excalibur in the background of this picture.....

...and New York New York with the big roller coaster here.

Caesar's Palace is one of the last big "distinctive architecture" casinos as you leave the strip. Mesquite is about an hour drive from Las Vegas; we hadn't visited Dawn before this, so she gave us a tour of the house and then we went out for sushi. Her home has beautiful desert views out almost all of the windows, but again, the drawback was that it was 115 and she said it doesn't cool down a whole lot at night. YIKES!

After dinner, we drove to St. George and stayed the night, then were ready to start Day 2!

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