Sunday, August 1, 2010

Skein -- Pasadena CA

Friday was a shopping day with my friend Tina in Pasadena -- We went to the Coach store, then to Cache where I found an adorable black & white print jersey summer dress, a cute little boutique called Gossip that had trendy and inexpensive clothes, DSW for shoes and then to the Yardhouse for lunch.

Tina has been taking knitting lessons and making scarves and socks and enjoying it a lot, so we went to Skein where she buys yarn and patterns and takes her classes. Skein is located at 1101 E. Walnut Street in Pasadena (626-577-2035).

Susan Adams is the person that has been teaching Tina her knitting skills and she showed us a few projects that she was working on. You can take either group or individual lessons with Susan right here at the store. If knitting is one of your interests, you might want to visit her blog. She says she isn't good about keeping up with it, but I thought it was fun to read and had some interesting links. The link to her blog is Another blog that Susan recommended is I could spend hours on that one.....

In what seems like a past life, I used to be an avid knitter -- I learned when I was about 8 years old and by high school, I could do fisherman's knits and eyelet patterns and made a couple of attempts at multi-color knitting, although that was never my favorite. I still have a lot of sweaters I made years and years ago, but they keep forever in the cedar chest.

So it was a lot of fun wandering around the store and looking at all the colorful yarns. I looked at the scarf kits and all the books and felt a little nostalgic for what I totally turned my back on 20 years ago when I learned to quilt. Quilting became my passion and knitting was one of the things that sort of fell by the wayside.

So I bought the yarns to make a scarf -- it's kind of a wide scarf with big needles and should go pretty fast. The patterns utilizes a "yarn over" technique so that your loops are really big -- that makes it even go faster. The yarns are gorgeous and I'm rationalizing this by thinking that whatever is left over I can put in with my embellishment yarns!

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