Monday, August 16, 2010

Vacation, Day 8 -- LaPlata County Fair

What do you do when you first get to the fair? Buy some junk food, play games to win stuffed animals, check out the farm animals? I go to the Home Arts building and look at the quilts -- here are my favorites at this fair:

"Spirit of the North Woods" by Wendy Williamson won two ribbons, a First Place in the Hobbyist division and a Reserve Champion ribbon. I wasn't familiar with that term, Vanessa explained that it is like a runner-up to the Grand Champion. She told me that she knew that because she got a First Place and a Reserve Champion last year for her banana bread and that winning two ribbons was very cool....

"Big Blue", pieced and hand quilted by Beverley Avery, also won First Place and Reserve Champion ribbons. Below is a closeup of some of the hand quilting lavished on this large quilt.

"Sand Devils" was designed by Judy Nediermeyer, pieced by Marilyn McCord and quilted by Elaine Brown. It received a Second Place ribbon.

"Lillies for Ladies" was designed and appliqued by Amanda Araujo and quilted by Karen Preston. It also received a Second Place ribbon. My daughter-in-law Heather told me that Amanda and Karen are a mother-daughter quilting team; she works with them at the hospital.

"Feathered Star" was pieced by Jill Fischer from Jackie Robinson's "Montana Star" pattern and quilted by Theresa Fetch. It received a First Place and the Grand Champion ribbon.

A closeup of the quilting, which was done on a longarm machine.

"Third Star" was pieced by Essica Williams and quilted by Karen Baxter.

Yummmm.....wouldn't you love to be a judge?

These two knitted items were entered by Heather's aunt, Linda Morris.

Zoe got to make a new friend while she was riding the pink elephant....

...while Sid and Vanessa chose to ride this contraption that threw them in all sorts of directions and elevations at a pretty speedy clip. Neither of them were walking very straight when they got off!

But that's part of the fun of going to the fair, right?

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